The Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney is on a mission. It involves you and me, our neighbours, friends, family, communities and beyond. You’re probably wondering what we’re talking about?

Imagine that you are a ‘big golden sun’. Sometimes your sun might be clouded by emotions, confusion, or physical pain. There may even be times when you can’t see or feel your sun shining at all.

Life in body and spirit can feel a bit like this.

We are here to help you shine your brightest light. We offer pathways for seekers of health & wellbeing, happiness, personal growth, spiritual development, and being of service to create a better world for ALL. 

Heal Yourself

You have the Soul power to heal yourself! And we have the Tao power to help you! Our unique healing field is your best ally.

Heal Others

You have the power to heal others, become a Tao Hands Practitioner. Tao Hands empowers you to transform life with source love and light.

Tao Pathways

How do you flourish in all aspects of life?
How do we bring the Tao wisdom to life?
We share the pathways…

Love Peace Harmony Community

Come together as one

Lets Talk…

We invite you to come and have a free 15 minute consult with us. Click on the button below and we look forward to meet you.

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