Privacy Policy

Welcome to Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney ( This site is provided by Universal Soul Service Pty Ltd (ACN 143 808 066) trading as “Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney” as a service to our customers. Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney knows that it is important for you to know how your information is used and shared. We appreciate you trusting us with your information. We want you to know that we offer you our greatest love, peace and harmony. Our commitment to privacy, including processing and protecting personal data, is demonstrated in this privacy policy
(“Privacy Policy”).

The following Privacy Policy governs the online information collection practices of Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney (“we” or “us”). Specifically, it outlines the types of information that we gather about you while you are using the Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney website (the “Site”), and the ways in which we use this information. This Privacy Policy, including our children’s privacy statement, does not apply to any information you may provide to us unsolicited or publicly on social media.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By visiting and using the Site, you agree that your use of our Site, and any dispute over privacy, is governed by this Privacy Policy. Because the Web is an evolving medium, we may need to change our Privacy Policy at some point in the future, in which case we’ll post the changes to this Privacy Policy on this website and update the Effective Date of the policy to reflect the date of the changes. By continuing to use the Site after we post any such changes, you accept the Privacy Policy as modified.

This document was last updated on June 17, 2021

Who is the Data Controller?

The data controller for this site is Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney. Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney is a business registered at:

242 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest NSW 2049

In limited fashion consistent with the principles of data minimization and purpose limitation, data from this website may be shared with entities that are affiliated with Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney for the purpose of conducting legitimate business. These entities are listed here. Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney remains the Data Controller for those entities for all processes that utilize Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney’s resources. All appropriate data encryption is used by Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney to ensure compliance with existing data privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation which refers to the data privacy of European citizens.

Duration of Processing

Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney processes and uses your data on either a contractual basis or a consent basis, and as such, will store your data for the period required to fulfill the purposes set out below, or until you withdraw your consent. For regulatory and legal reporting purposes, we will continue to retain and store transaction information for the period required by law. Unless otherwise specified, this duration is 7 years.

Where is my Personal Data processed?

Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney processes your personal data through resources located in Australia. Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney has affiliates and third-party service providers located within and outside the European Economic Area. As such, we transfer data outside of the European Economic Area based on Standard Contractual Clauses (according to EU Commission Decision 87/2010/EC or any future replacement) in order to provide services that you have contractually agreed to, or provided consent for, in such a manner that your Personal Data is subject to the level of data protection that applies within the EEA.

Why do we collect your Personal Data?

We may use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

● To contact you if you have requested information from us
● To contact you if you have consented to any training or mentoring
● To help verify that data we have about you is accurate
● To provide you with access to services offered by us in which you have enrolled in (access codes, teleconference codes, passwords, webcast links, etc)
● To provide you with upcoming events, product updates, and other promotional information in which you have consented to receive it (e.g. Newsletter)
● To verify compliance with applicable laws
● To provide you with product updates, special offers and other promotional information, either on our own behalf or on the behalf of a Partner, where you have consented to receive it and in accordance with applicable law
● To assist in the voluntary creation of User Profiles, through which customers can be provided the option to display personal information about themselves to other users of the site

Personal Data is collected upon visiting the website in the following ways:

● To process your order, process payment, verify your tax status, contest chargebacks, or notify you of the status of your order
● To provide you with customer support (which could include technical issues with using the Website, or insufficient service)
● For fraud monitoring and prevention purposes
● To provide you with a personalized shopping experience
● To register your purchase with the manufacturer or service provider for warranty, technical support or similar purposes
● To establish an account for future purchases that you have consented to,
● To facilitate the renewal of subscriptions for products or services
● To provide you with an effective experience and support (which may, as allowable by law, include contacting visitors who start a checkout process to follow-up on the incomplete session or to see if there was a problem with their use of the Website).
● To establish your progress in a Learning Journey for any of our affiliated educational programs

This website and its affiliated websites use your Email Address to verify your identity. You acknowledge by using this website that your Email Address is shared with the other entities listed in the Joint Use statement for the purpose of logging into those websites.

Media Release

Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney requires a media release waiver to be signed at any event that is being recorded. Not signing the waiver does not incur any penalty and all reasonable accommodations shall be made to honor your preference. Data regarding this consent is stored on
our servers and is used as the basis for publishing images or video on public-facing websites and social media.

As Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney does not catalogue individuals within these images and videos, a request to be forgotten does not automatically include these forms of media. If you withdraw consent to your likeness being used in our marketing material after you have provided consent, you
will need to email and specifically request the removal of each individual item. We will remove these items within 30 days so long as there is no statutory obligation or prevailing right.

Data Subject’s Rights

You can request from Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney the sum total of all Personal Data available on your person. This information can be requested by emailing

You may object to Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney using your Personal Data by unsubscribing from our mailing lists. Please note that contractual agreements with entities listed in the Joint Use section may result in a user being placed on multiple email lists. These placements may only occur with your express consent, either through a paper form or express vocalization at an in-person event, or via a hosted/embedded sign-up form, or through the check-out process. Therefore, it is your responsibility to unsubscribe from each of them individually. You may choose to remain
subscribed to one or more lists while unsubscribing from others with no penalty. Additionally, you may use the Unsubscribe from All page.

You may request that Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney delete all Personal Data collected on your person by emailing . Once you have done so, a determination will be made regarding statutory requirements and prevailing rights. Once this determination is made,
your Personal Data will be removed from the site and all affiliated sites within 30 days. Please note that transaction data will usually continue to be held for regulatory and legal purposes for the appropriate term. All Personal Data will be inaccessible to all users of the Site, including Customer
Service, and you will no longer be able to log into your account.

You can request that Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney restrict processing of your data on the grounds that the data is inaccurate or that the legal basis for such processing has expired. You may email to request that this update be propagated throughout all sites
linked to this one. In addition, you have the ability to update at any time your Personal Data through “My Account Information” on each individual site linked to this website.

Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney may use your Personal Data to make automated decisions to provide you more personalized service. This includes data segmentation on attributes like geographic location, up to and including public domain “likes” on social media. Automated processing is also used for fraud monitoring and in Human Resources. In all cases, this is adherent to our internal security policies and follow the principles laid out elsewhere in this document. You have the right to avoid any decisions based on automated data processing where they can be characterized as “profiling”. In these cases, it is possible that we may be unable to process your transaction.

Revocation of consent at any time for all consent-based processing has no effect on past processing of Personal Data by Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney or its affiliates up to the point of your withdrawal. Once revoked, you may no longer use the services that are subject to that consent.

Despite our commitment to your privacy, once you have notified us of breaches of this policy, you may report Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney to the local Supervisory Authority if you feel your applicable rights under the data protection legislation in your area are not being met.

Special Categories of Personal Data

Special Categories are defined as relating to “racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation”. We do not solicit
information relating to any of those categories of data, nor do we actively store such data regarding any person.

If in the process of completing a transaction, you voluntarily disclose any such information, it may be stored but will not be used for anything more than the completion of that transaction. This type of data will not be eligible for further processing by Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney or its affiliates. It may not be assumed that purchase of a service relating to one’s physical body constitutes any information about a natural person.

Children’s Privacy Statement

We do not intend for our websites or online services to be used by anyone under the age of 16. If you are a parent or guardian and believe we may have collected information about any individual under 16, please contact us at

We will immediately delete all data relating to any individual under 16 as soon as we are made aware of its existence.

Links to Other Websites

You may sometimes be directed to websites that are not listed in the Joint Use document. In those instances, you will be governed by the data privacy policies within that website. Please read their policies before agreeing to any service provided by these parties. Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney will make reasonable efforts to indicate when such links are published on its website.


From time to time, Master Sha Tao Centre Sydneymay solicit your feedback via questionnaires and surveys if you have provided consent to be contacted. These are generally designed in such a way that you do not need to enter Personal Data. If, however, you enter any Personal Data, it may be used to improve our products and services.

Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney Corporation may record calls and chats for quality and training purposes. You will be informed if a call is being recorded by a pre-recorded message. You may assume that all webcasts, including their accompanying teleconference lines, are being recorded.