“The Tao Hands Practitioner Course is an exceptional course of spiritual learning and development not only in the understanding of the effects of karma in our daily lives. The impact of our past to present plus the ancestral…

Helen Gallagher October 2021
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“Hi, my name is Nivedita and I am from Melbourne, I would love to share what I experience during Tao Light Massage with Master Teacher Carol Liu from Master Sha Tao Centre Sydney. Each time I am in…

Nivedita Saraswati October 2021
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“I have been very lucky over the past few years to receive various Tao Light transmissions, but I would like to share about the Tao Light transmission to Heal Stress that I received. At that time, I felt…

Joseph Maher October 2021
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“I had severe stomach issues and arthritis in the C3 vertebrae of my neck. And as result, it gave me bad headaches and severe pressure on my head. Now, I can describe it in two words a “blessed…

Andrea Bousquet October 2021
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“This Centre and the practices it teaches has changed my life for the better. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually I’ve been able to let go of negativities and now see positives. Physically I’ve had healing of 20 and 30…

Judi Parker October 2021
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“When I received the healing, I felt like I had been washed inside head to toe. I felt tension and blockages leaving my head and body. I instantly felt lighter, very balanced and grounded. I have not experienced…

Leonie Lawrence October 2021
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I knew with my whole heart and soul that this blessing was major and that it had cleared the clot. A few hours later the doctor confirmed they were unable to find a clot. That night my blood…

Alysha Quan July 2021
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